Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pete Doherty's Kitten Became A Crack Head?

The British leading crack head’s pet is reportedly baked on cocaine. Pete Dopamine Doherty’s cat, Dinger, which is slang for syringe, recently gave birth to five kittens. One of those kittens got sick and forced Dopamine to take it to the vet. Cocaine was reportedly found in the poor little kitty.
An RSPCA spokesman told the Daily Star: "It is a police matter, so we cannot deny or confirm the identity of the man who had this kitten removed. But it is very important to protect animals from substances that can do them serious harm."

The only way to protect animals and himself from Dopamine’s own idiocy is to send him to prison for a year or two. Come on PETA, go after that animal abusing a**hole. The police and justice authorities in Britain seem to keep letting that druggy get away with all his illegal actions.

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Anonymous said...

If I ever see Pete Doherty walking down the street I'm going to bend his spine about ninety degrees in the wrong direction. The world is much better off without this piece of sh--.